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About URL Rewriting Tool

What is URL rewriting?

URL Rewriting is used when you need to change over your dynamic URLs into static ones. Our URL modify module causes you in this transformation. For the most part, site proprietors utilize an online URL Redirect Generator since it spares them time and endeavors. Besides, it helps in improving Search Engine Optimization too.

There are two kinds of URL

  1. Dynamic URL
  • Dynamic URLs are long series of characters that incorporate +, #, %, and so forth. Dynamic URLs will undoubtedly change after some time.
  1. Static URL

Ø Static URLs don't run in long series of characters, they are shorter than dynamic URLs, and they don't change with time.

URL rewriting tool from smallseotools

On the off chance that specific pages on your site despite everything have Dynamic URLs, you should find them and transform them into Static URLs with assistance from the free URL Rewriting Tool by SEOcheckerz. The URL Rewrite Module by smallseotools is outfitted with a propelled URL Rewrite Software that depends on a powerful calculation. Because of this, our URL Rewrite Tool is equipped for transforming each and every one of your Dynamic URLs into Static URLs inside only seconds.

Be that as it may, our apparatus has certain URL change decides that are to be followed. For example, our apparatus just believers Dynamic URLs to Static URLs; it isn't the opposite way around. Along these lines, in the event that you present a Static URL for change, our URL Rewrite Module won't execute the transformation procedure. In addition, it will show you the message passing on that your URL is now static.


How to get started with URL rewriter?

You can start by entering the URL that should be changed over to static and submit it by squeezing 'Rework URL'. Similarly, as you do that, our module will start the URL revamp procedure and produce the Static URL in a snap! You can follow these steps in an ease.

The URL Rewrite Module by SEOcheckerz is made uniquely to help the network simply like our other free instruments.