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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator


What is Robot .txt?

Robot.txt file is something that lives on your website it’ll live at So, if you want to see if you have robot.txt file or not, you can go to your site put in /robots.txt and it should be there. The robots.txt file is a really important thing because it is recommended by Google that you specifically have one. And if Google can’t find it and other crawlers out there can’t find it, in some cases they won’t crawl your website at all. Whatever may be the case you should have the robots.txt file. The robots.txt file is basically at its most primitive, basic state, it allows you to either block the website, block portions of the website or index the website. It is just a way to allow your site to be inside of Google and other search engines as well.

Use of Robot .txt

It is just a way to allow your site to be inside of Google and other search engines as well.It might get tricky at times when the google crawl the URL or there will be lots of links pointing at these pages. Then google understands that they're highly authoritative pages andwill still index the page.It means that the site will still show up inside the Google but there will be a little thing inside of where the meta description result will be in Google that says meta description can’t be found because of the block in robots.txt. and then the block should be fixed in the page.

How does it function?

So the robot.txt file, it has regular expressions in regex that allows you to block portions of the site or the entire site, allows you to set up wild cards, it allows you to do a whole bunch of fancy things so that you could just block one URL or you could block one directory or block specific URL parameters.It is one way to block things online or to allow things online. All kinds of crawlers can be blocked by the robots.txt file. It helps you to block certain kinds of crawlers in the act of controlling the website for accessing the information.