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About Keyword Position Checker


What is keyword position?

Every website has its competitor and trying their best to make better than each other. So, they focus on every aspect of their website to be the best. Also, the ranking in the search engine result is a must factor to be the best. The website attracts the viewers by ranking in the of the search engine results. It makes the website more appealing and making them stay on the website for a quite long time.

So, to gain the top ranking in the search engine results potential keywords should be used. These keywords make the search engine to display the relevant results of your website. So, there is a need for every website owner to know about the possible keywords for their content to attract.

For this essential purpose, smallseotools has made a tool to let you know about the best and possible keywords for the content. This tool makes you know the ranking of your website for a particular keyword.

For example, if you are running a website related to the automobiles and you may want to know the position of your website for the keyword “Best cars in India.” This powerful keyword tool from the smallseotools’ lists you the top ranking websites for a particular set of keywords. This lets you modify the keyword by adding or altering them to show at first.

How to use the keyword position checker tool from smallseotools?

Step 1: Click on this link: and it will take you to the keyword position checker tool page.

Step 2: Enter the domain name in the box and give the possible keywords which you suggest in the keywords box.

Step 3: In the “check positions up to box” give the desired number of rankings that you are about to check.

Step 4: Click the “Find keyword position” button. It will display the possible top ranking websites for the given keywords.

Now, you might have got a better idea of how your website is ranked and you could make the possible changes to make your website rank better.