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About Alexa Rank Checker

What is Alexa Rank Checker?


Alexa is a tool which helps you in giving a rank to your website across the world. Alexa is a web analytics company that is one by google, it helps you in finding out the rank of a certain website. When talking about Alexa it does a quite good job in all sectors of fields right from IOT to EIS. It has done numerous amounts of projects, on an account of this the Alexa rank keyword was coined by the Amazon groups and now it is been used by people from all over the globe.


Use of Alexa Rank Checker


By using Alexa rank you can check the progress of your website along a couple of months or many more. It gives you the perfect data of usage and the ranking of your site, it could even provide you with the data as per country vice and so on. To use the Alexa rank first Navigate to the Google and then type in Alexa, click on to the Alexa rank checker, and in that site in the enter site menu type in the name of the website you want to see the popularity and ranking of it. You can also see the ranking via globally and in the specific country vice ranking. Below which it shows the bounce rate, daily page views per visitor, quality time that was spent on the site. It also shows the country that is been using it frequently and the number of users all around the globe.


How does it work?


Specific usage in certain countries and the rank are also shown for that certain website. It also displays the keywords that are frequently used when accessing the website, you can also see the number of sites and search engines that link to that specific website. If you want to check your fellow competitor's website to know their progress to boost yours it can be done by Alexa rank, if you input a site it will show you the preferred keywords to be used, competitive benchmarking is also provided so it will be easy to win against other sites. The web traffic statistics and the audience insights play a very major role in helping your site to reach heights.